Optimizing The Google Merchant Center

For Google Shopping Campaigns, the Google Merchant Center uses Shopify's API feed to import each of the product's data such as the product description, title, and images for targeting purposes. 


This is in comparison to using keywords for targeting with Google Search Ads.


A great way to increase the performance of your Google Shopping Campaigns is to integrate keywords and search terms into your product descriptions. Shopify will then send this information to the Google Merchant Center, which will then show your Shopping Ad to more relevant searches. 


To make this look less tacky on your product pages, you can add a few lines below at the end of your product description then add in all the keywords and search terms. This could be viewed similarly to how people add 10 hashtags at the bottom of their IG posts. 


With your approval, we would love to begin adding these and optimizing for tags that help our Google Shopping campaigns perform best.