REPOST: With Raving Reviews, ZRichMedia Emerges As The Go-To Shopify Marketing Agency


Miami, Florida – January 28, 2022 – A fast rising online marketing agency is making big waves over the internet. Titled “ZRichMedia”, the company has recently emerged as the go-to Shopify Marketing Agency for businesses across the country. A long line of happy customers has showered ZRichMedia with rave reviews and stellar ratings on Google. 

As per the ZRichMedia Reviews, ZRichMedia has helped many businesses, especially SMEs, bounce back after the pandemic-hit crisis. Malte Niebelschuetz is a small business entrepreneur and a happy client of ZRichMedia. He shifted to online marketing after his business was heavily hit in 2020 and it was Zac (founder of ZRichMedia) and his team who helped to scale up his business into a growing e-commerce brand through strategic online and social media advertising campaigns. 

I just quickly want to give a shout out to Zac and the entire team over at ZRichMedia. In a pandemic year of 2020 where our business from brick and mortar really took a deep hit. We shifted to an online heavy market model, Zac and his team really helped us to establish Facebook ads, getting Google ads up and running and really helped to pivot the business to a really strong e-commerce brand. I highly recommend Zac and his team at ZRichMedia. Go and check them out.” – Malte Niebelschuetz

ZRichMedia is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in all kinds of digital marketing services including Google Ads, Email and SMS Marketing, as well as Facebook and Instagram Marketing. The company uses advanced machine learning technology and shared data to ensure ads are shown when a business’ target niche is actually browsing the internet for similar products or services which eventually helps to turn them into valuable customers. 

For Email and SMS marketing, ZRichMedia helps client-companies to bring back lost sales with tailored automated message sequences that help to create repeat customers. 

“We segment your clients on the basis of various parameters such as location, shopping behavior etc. to develop customized and highly focused targeted email and SMS marketing campaigns”, stated Zac, seasoned digital marketer and the man behind ZRichMedia. 

ZRichMedia also helps clients with development of the sales funnel. 

“Your home page and product pages are good for overall exploration of your business but you need more to draw in profitable conversion. This is where we help you with product-specific promotion pages that will enable you to achieve higher conversion rates for your offerings. You will be able to scale your total ad spend with a ROAS  that will justify your acquisition cost with seasoned copywriting and value packs.” 

The ZRichMedia reviews have also championed ZRichMedia as a performance-driven company that supports clients with revenue-driven campaigns. For entrepreneur Dennis Seaman, ZRichMedia helped to drive sustainable revenue from 2x to 4x to finally 6x in a few months time. Most importantly, as Mr. Seaman has specifically stressed on, it was not a one-time revenue high for his business- rather ZRichMedia helped his business to achieve customer retention which further helps him with ever growing revenue. 

Given that you guys are performance-driven. I also like the fact you have the same objectives and desired outcomes that I do which is driving revenue. 

“Okay, driving revenue from 2x, to 4x, to 6x and doing it in such a way that it’s not just one time revenue, but I’m keeping the retention of the consumer, which is very valuable to me. So I’m very pleased with how this is going.” – Dennis Seaman

Being a 100% performance driven company, ZRichMedia never charges from clients upfront. The company creates conversion-driven landing pages for each offering of the client that they send the traffic to.  

“We will create conversion-driven landing pages and ads for your business and offerings on leading social media platforms and Google at no upfront cost. Unlike regular agencies that are solely focused on their profit, we also focus on your growth.”

Ravi Abuvala here, founder of Scaling with Systems and Prospect Social. Wanted to get this quick little shout-out for Zac and the ZRichMedia team. I actually came across Zac at a conference here in the San Diego area. We started talking, and I instantly knew he knew what he was talking about. When it comes to Paid Media, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and funnels that convert. I do it myself, so usually I can sift through the people that know what they’re doing or if people are lying to me. We spend close to $280,000 a month, $240k to $280k depending on the month and I was a little hesitant to give it over to Zac, both to get in traffic coming in for us to convert more clients as well as having them actually run the client for our clients themselves. ZRichMedia has been absolutely fantastic at it. 

“Communication number one has been better than any other agency that I have ever worked with in the past. And number two our conversion rate right now on both cold traffic as well the retargeting is better than anything I’ve ever seen and way, way above the industry standard. So if you’re thinking about working with Zac or you’re considering working with his team, I can vouch for him, both on the sense of communication, honesty, his Facebook Ads and the Google Ads. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and they set up a whole new funnel for us that converts almost 12% higher than any other funnel that we’ve had. 

“100% thank you Zac for everything you have done for our business.” – Ravi Abuvala 

“I want to shoot this quick testimonial for Zac Richman. Every time I talk to Zac, I’m amazed at his expertise and knowledge in marketing, ads, and literally everything to do with lead gen. Along with all of the systems and processes that he has in place and teaches. A lot of people that I’ve worked with in the past, say one thing and then actually go and do another. Zac is the total opposite. Over delivers on everything that he promises and he’s just a straight-up dude. So if you’re on the fence about working with Zac. I would highly recommend it. He’s going to follow through and do what he says. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I’m a real dude.” – Sam Martin 

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