Towards The Beginning...

You Had A Great Product, or Offered To Help Someone Sell One

💀 If you're not making sales, or converting less than you know you could... 
It's usually 1 of 2 things

1. Your Trying To Sell A Crap Product

2. Your Ad (AND/OR) Sales Funnel Isn't Connecting

If you know it's a great product, it's likely not #1
And, if you know the product's crap, why are you trying to sell it?

That brings us to problem #2
"Your Ads and Funnel Aren't Converting"

Why Is This? Well, it's a little complicated, but this is usually what happens...

These rejections come to us naturally, due to a term known as Cognitive Biases.

Don't worry if that characakture is a little overwhelming. It can be a little like looking at a rocket diagram when all you want to do is fly. 

Let's put you in the cockpit, what do you say?

Ready? "Rocket Launching Sounds" 🚀 (click here)

"shoot...just keep scrolling then"

Creating A Scalable eCommerce Offer Doesn't Have To Be A Pest...   

The 8 Figure eCommerce Blueprint Is A Process That Makes It Easy To Create Ads & Sales Funnels That Convert.

IMPLEMENT: Learn as you craft

  • Get access to an abundance of eCommerce strategies that you can use to instantly increase conversion rates...
  • SHOPIFY SET UP: Trying to build a skyscraper on top of a weak foundation is a set up for disaster, no matter how hard you work to make it look pretty. Before jumping into a variety of different ad strategies, we want to make sure that your Shopify store is fully optimized and ready for transactions at a high volume.
  • CHOOSING THE RIGHT PRODUCT TO SELL: Similar to the Shopify Set Up, choosing the right product can make or break your overall experience with eCommerce. Factors such as; shipping times, profit margin, supplier reputation, and the potential audiences you can market to all play an important role to your success.
  • THE PAID MEDIA BLUEPRINT: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, TikTok Ads, Reddit Ads, and more...which one should you use? It's important to visualize your traffic structure across these different platforms to strategize an Omni-Channel marketing strategy before we begin the ad creation process. A deeper dive into how each marketing channel is used for each stage of the sales cycle will give you a guided structure. 
  • CONTENT CREATION: The product you're selling, doesn't have the biggest impact on your overall success. It's all in the way you present it. A streamlined system for creating content that has proven to produce high conversion rates across mainly every niche.

The punch line...

After refining and proving out this process on a daily basis, for the last 4 years, with hundreds of brands that have generated millions of dollars in sales from's a no brainer for me to recommend giving this Blueprint a shot.

While, I could compile a bunch of positive feedback and testimonials for you to checkout...Well perhaps I'll put a few...

Who Is This Blueprint Even For?

ENTREPRENEURS - Let's create another passive income stream!
Whether you're already selling something online, or are looking to develop your next offer, you'll have a confidence sense of direction in being able to sell it effectively at scale.

MEDIA BUYERS - This is for you!
When I initially began to create the content for this course, it was designed for me to be able to train my in-house team. This Blueprint is like a Swiss-army knife, it provides a strategic direction for all parts of paid media.

AGENCIES - I'm familiar!
Higher conversion rates comes along with a bigger compensation package. It's as simple as that. Rather than playing the Wolf of Wall Street game, you can just get better results for the clients that you already have. Use this Blueprint as a guide in boosting the sales revenue to justify a higher pay rate for your services. 

E-COMMERCE SELLERS - I've helped a bunch, let me help you!
Crafting the perfect approach with a conversion driven funnel is everything when it comes to selling products online. Once you have a consistent funnel that produces more than you are spending to bring people to it. The sky is the limit. 

  • COGNITIVE BIASES: A deeper dive into the psychology that takes place when people make a purchasing decision, and how you can leverage it to your advantage.
  • PROVEN - REAL TIME EXAMPLES , SCREEN SHARES, AND TEMPLATES: The exact templates we are using for sales pages, ads, copywriting and the science behind why that have been so successful.
  • DEDICATED SUPPORT: Join a Facebook group with other elite members in the eCommerce space along with myself and my team that are dedicated to ensuring your success. Weekly coaching calls where we can answer your questions in depth to help you get to the next level.
  • ONGOING UPDATED CONTENT: The malicious IOS 14 update, we've all been a victim. As the playing fields change, so does the guidance that we provide for our members. This Blueprint will continue to be revised into different versions that are updated overtime that you will have access to for life. 

It's definitely a lot cheaper than the money your losing on underperforming ads...

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