Get Specialized Videos For Your Brand That Actually Convert With Ads!

  • Experienced Content Creators: Leverage our database of creators that specialize in product review videos. 
  • Conversion Driven Scripts: A good looking smile can only go so far. Copywriters at heart, we understand the process that a viewer has to go through to go from a cold lead to a hot and ready buyer. In addition to sourcing the talent, we provide them with the specialized scripts on what to say. 
  • Supercut Edits to Split-Test: After sourcing content creators, we then put on the video editing helmet and get to work. You'll receive multiple different versions of your branded video ad to be able to split-test to see which performs the best.
  • Done-For-You Service: As we find content creators, we will send you their name and address to send them a product shipment. Besides, that we handle the rest! End deliverables can be sent to you via Google Drive or DropBox with full licensing right within 10 business days to use the videos as you choose to.  

See What Customers Are Saying About User Generated Content Videos....

Great Content

Zrich made some great content videos for my brand which was the start to our ads performing well. They went above and beyond and even found an old video asset we had in our inventory and turned that into our best performing ad to date!

Shai Neubauer on Apr 13, 2022

Paid Advertising Expert

I had the pleasure of listening to Zac speak on paid advertising during a networking event a couple weeks ago. I thought I was good at running paid ads until Zac showed me all of the secrets that he know. After listening to Zac for literally 1 hour, I feel like I’ve learned more than 4 whole years in college getting my marketing degree. Highly recommend Zac to any business looking to scale.

Blake Saunders on Feb 17, 2022

Broken Down Strategies That Work

Zac is a very well spoken entrepreneur who shows the true struggles that many e-commerce business owners face when it comes to outreach, ads and successful marketing. He locates the issues and develops step by step processes to achieve results quick. It’s all about the results in business and Zac has mastered that well.

Karlton Dennis on Feb 14, 2022

Video Assets Are Everything When It Comes To Paid Media

On Average: 10x - 15x the amount of people will engage in video views in comparison to clicking on your ad to go to your website. When using an image, you are only able to retarget people if they decide to click. The advantage to using conversion driven videos is that it allows for you to gather bigger audiences for a fraction of the cost.

Retargeting Options:

  • 3 Second Video View
  • 10 Second Video View
  • 50% of Video Watched
  • 75% of Video Watched Video 

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