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Ad Spend Screen Shot Case Studies

OmniChannel Presence

Facebook Ads: Product Specific Lookalike Audiences, Interest Based Targeting, URL Specific Retargeting, Video Engagement Retargeting

Google Ads: Brand Search, Product Search, YouTube Ads, Catch-All Google Shopping (All Products), Product Specific Standard and Smart Shopping, Performance Max, and Display

Email Marketing: Weekly Branding/Info Campaigns, Post Purchase Automation For All Buyers, Product Specific Automations, Abandoned Cart Automations

SMS: Weekly Sale Campaigns, Abandoned Cart Automation Implementation

New Customer Acquisition

Top Funnel Audiences: Cold Traffic, people that have never heard or your business of have been to your website

Strategy Options:

#1 Sending To An Advertorial - Then to presale page (Bigger Set Up)

#2 Sending To Advertorial/Sales Page Mix (More Precision)

What Is An Advertorial?

An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of editorial content. The term "advertorial" is a blend of the words "advertisement" and "editorial."

  • "Guide On [How The Benefits Your Product or Service Is Worth It]”
  • Long Form: 700-100 word (Personal Story)
  • “I was screwed until I discovered X”
  • “The Solution” Hyperlinked to sales page 

Science Behind The Advertorial

Information Bias: Discovered by Baron, Beattie and Hershey in 1988. Applies to why long form sales pages provide higher conversion rates.

States: We believe the more information acquired in order to make a decision, the better that decision will be, even if that information is unnecessary or irrelevant.

Post Advertorial Sales Page

  • Hidden Menu and Navigation
  • Direct Product Offering
  • Bundle Packs (Increase AOV)
  • Payment Security Icons (Trust)

Science Behind Bundled Offers

Aversion Bias: The Single-option Aversion bias was a discovery finding that consumers are reluctant to move forward with a sale when only 1 option is available to them, even if that 1 option is exactly what they are looking for.

Conversions are more likely to take place when alternative price options are included right then and thereduring the time of purchase. 

Video Assets are EVERYTHING

#2 Sending To Sales Page/Advertorial Mix (AND/OR) Retargeting

On Average: 10x - 15x the amount of video views compared to clicks

Bigger audience for fraction of the cost

Retargeting Options:
3 Second Video View
10 Second Video View
50% of Video Watched
75% of Video Watched

Video Types: Infomercial, Review/Testimonials, Founder Story/Background, Animated Explainer Video

Why Google Shopping?

  • Pay Per Click: Higher quality traffic - showed an intent based around product
  • High Quality Traffic: Shows an image and the price of the product before someone clicks. Closest channel to Amazon type web behavior
  • Google Adsense such as free tools, blogs, etc. 
  • Bidding: Allows for Target Cost Per Acquisition & Target ROAS

Diagram For The Entire Traffic Flow 

Video Testimonials

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