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How Do We Generate A Positive ROI, and How Is It Different?

Product Specific Landing Pages

  • Long Form Conversion Driven Copy (Information Bias): 
    Baron, Beattie and Hershey discovered the Information Bias in 1988 which has many applicable principles as to why sales pages provide higher conversion rates than only other page on your store.

    This Bias essentially states that we believe that the more information that can be acquired in order to make a decision, the better that decision will be, even if that information is irrelevant.

     How can this be used in marketing?

    Sales pages allow you to mix call to actions with paragraphs of information about your products. As customers spend more time comprehending and engaging with your content, the more likely it is that they are going to buy from you.


    You establish trust, which then allows them to make a purchasing decision.

    You can also add value packs towards the bottom of your page. As you optimize and dial in the copywriting, your value packs can actually become a more frequently purchased product in comparison to just buying a single unit. This then increases the average order value, allowing you to justify the cost of acquisition to acquire a new customer. Profitable customer acquisition then allows you to scale and put a higher marketing budget behind your campaigns.
  • Value Pack Implementation (Aversion Bias):

    The Single-option Aversion bias was a discovery finding that consumers are reluctant to move forward with a sale when only 1 option is available to them, even if that 1 option is exactly what they are looking for.

    You are likely to ask yourself if it would be better to consider other options before deciding to buy. This effect leads to conversions taking place more often when alternative price options are included right then and there. However, we don’t want to overwhelm our audience with a huge selection either. The Paradox of Choice principle explored by American psychologist Barry Schwartz discovered that if we offer too much, it can lead to “suspended action” as we are too overwhelmed by the number of choices that we do not make one at all.

    This is why we have generally offered 3 different choices overall at the bottom of our sales pages. It allows for unique value choices starting with just 1 tube, then bundles ranging from $80-$100. While it may seem weird at first to have a long scrollable sales page, you start to think “is anybody really going to scroll down?”. The answer is yes, and the value options end up becoming the most frequently purchased option on your pages.

Facebook Ads

Our process consists on creating Top, Middle, and Bottom campaigns to capture your targeted audience's interest, then to educationally retarget them over a 180 period. 

Each of these ToF, MoF, and BoF campaigns are created for each individual product to have exclusive and unique efforts.

Google Ads

The creation and ongoing management of the following campaigns; Branded: Domain and brand related keywords. Cold Traffic, Google Shopping, Display, and Retargeting. 

Email Marketing

As long as your cost of acquisition is less than the lifetime value of your customer, you can profitable scale any business. 

While we craft a funnel to acquire a new customer profitably, it doesn't end there. ZRichMedia partnered with OmniSend which is an Email Marketing platform available on the Shopify Marketplace. To achieve repeat purchases, we create ongoing weekly email blasts, abandoned cart automations, and post purchase automations that can be product specific to cross sell new products to try. 

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