Get A Profitable Shopify Automation Store Fully Built Out & Managed For You

An origin with the end in mind.

With tens of millions in funding, our strategic partners are actively looking to acquire exponentially growing Shopify stores.

Minimum entry point to sell requires $500k or more gross sales on an annual basis.

As an Agency, our experience is getting people consistently from $0 - $100k+ per month within 4-6 months. 

Done For You

  • Market Analysis to identify winning products
  • Store Front Set Up such as; product pages, descriptions, infographics, home page, branded marketing material, logo, sales pages that are product specific and analytical tracking.
  • Ad Account Set Up: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Merchant Center for Google Shopping, Tik Tok Ads, Google Analytics
  • All operations completely automated and taken care for you such as managing new customer acquisition through paid media, and facilitating the marketing to engage repeat customers through email marketing campaigns and post purchase automations.
  • Customer Service: Pertaining to customer satisfaction including Refunds, wrong order, general website inquiries, wholesale accounts
  • Entity Formation: Upon onboarding, you will receive a JotForm for us to gather your information used in creating a new LLC. Once the LLC has been created, we will obtain an EIN for us to set up a bank account to be used for the store. 
  • Content Creation: Ongoing Video and Photography production to ensure the highest return on ad spend through paid media.  

OmniChannel Marketing Strategy

Facebook Ads: Product Specific Lookalike Audiences, Interest Based Targeting, URL Specific Retargeting, Video Engagement Retargeting

Google Ads: Brand Search, Product Search, YouTube Ads, Catch-All Google Shopping (All Products), Product Specific Standard and Smart Shopping, Performance Max, and Display

Email Marketing: Weekly Branding/Info Campaigns, Post Purchase Automation For All Buyers, Product Specific Automations, Abandoned Cart Automations

SMS: Weekly Sale Campaigns, Abandoned Cart Automation Implementation

Marketing Traffic Flow Diagram 

Equity and Compensation

  • Equity: 50% ownership of brand entity, domains, logos, copyrights and trademarks as applicable to your brand
  • Live time reporting and 24/7 access to all data and statistics.
  • Payouts: 50/50 profit split at the end of each month between you and ZRichMedia. Distributions to be paid to both parties on the 1st of each month.
  • Upon an exit, Client and ZRichMedia with split the compensation 50/50

What To Expect In The Beginning

Once we have completed the onboarding, we will need 2-4 weeks to build out the store and complete the entire set up. 

We can then launch Paid Media to acquire new customers. 

In the beginning, we will only start with $50 per day on Facebook and Google to identify a winning audience and creative. 

Once that $50 per day becomes profitable to acquire new customers. We can quickly increase that spend exponentially to bring in 6 figures per month in gross revenue.  

We Know Paid Media and Shopify


  • $50k upfront payment 
  • Credit line will be needed for Ad Spend, and product fulfillment